Who are the Locals?

It takes ingenuity and effort to live full time on an island.  Our community of approximately 2500 full time  Lopez residents is comprised of a significant number of retired people, young families and singles, plus a vibrant school age population, Pre-school through 12th grade.

Occupations are varied – farming, fishing, teaching, construction, telecommuting, art, crafts, tourism, and a variety of small businesses.  Many locals have more than one job.  There is a public school serving grades K-12, a private school serving grades 1-6, as well as an active home-school community.

We support over 50 Non-Profit organizations that serve the community and the county.  We like to walk, bike, hike, cook, read, create, garden, volunteer, travel, heal, dance, act, support, preserve, mentor, sing.

Our residents are the heart and soul of our community.  To learn more about who we are and what we value visit the links below.  Our thanks to Tim Fry, from Project 468, who gave us permission to share his articles with you.  This is just a sample – you will find many interesting stories on his site.

Home is Where the Community Is

Lopez Library – Music to Our Ears

Finishing Strong on Lopez 

It Takes a (Lopez) Village

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