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July 2nd Update – Governor Inslee has placed a two-week hold on any movement between Phases for all Washington State counties.  Prior to this announcement, San Juan County applied to move into a modified Phase 3.  That application will not be considered until July 16th at the earliest.

If approved Phase 3 status will allow for unrestricted travel to and from the islands.  While certain activities will be restricted, our public lands, scenic vistas and quiet surroundings can be enjoyed by everyone.  Masks will still be mandatory inside all Washington State establishments and strongly encouraged in all public areas.  Until Phase 3 is approved our communities will follow Phase 2 guidelines which allow restaurants and retail businesses to open, including hair salons, realtors, book stores, etc.  Transient accommodations are currently allowed to operate at up to 50% of their occupancy capacity.  We’ll keep you posted on our status!  Stay healthy and help others do the same.

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 The September Home Tour – Will be a Unique Virtual Tour  – Stay tuned!

Caring for Lopez Island Health

The safety of our Lopez Island community is our highest priority. As we deal with the impact of COVID-19, the Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce is encouraging visitors, and people whose primary home is somewhere other than Lopez, to postpone their travel plans to the island to help us manage the potential spread of the virus AND prevent overloading our limited health care and emergency care infrastructure.  Coming to the island may provide some social distancing peace of mind, but you will be joining a community with limited essential supplies and limited response resources.   We appreciate our part-time community members and their contributions to the well being of the island. We thank them for sheltering in their primary homes during this time and we look forward to their return when conditions are calmer.

San Juan County continues to recommend that anyone coming to the islands, or returning from a trip to the mainland, no matter the length of the trip:

  • Follow the Governor’s order limiting all non-essential travel
  • Aggressive hand washing prior, during and following an allowed trip
  • A self-imposed 14-day quarantine after return to ensure COVID-19 containment
  • Having supplies on hand for quarantine in advance of mainland travel

Businesses Hours 

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What is open, what is temporarily closed, and safety plan updates. This info changes quickly and will be updated often

Executive Director Position Open

Ever considered living and working in the San Juan Islands?  This may be your opportunity.

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Lopez Island is a place of natural beauty and island culture. Check out some of photographs by some of our very talented local photographers that we have featured throughout the website.

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