What To Expect

Lopez is the most rural of the three major islands, covering 29.5 square miles. The landscape blends woods with rolling farmlands and open spaces with shimmering vistas. It is also known as the friendliest of the San Juan Islands. Don’t be surprised if a passing motorist waves at you – it’s been a local custom for many years!

Lopez is perfect for travelers looking to disconnect from the distraction of urban living, leave the more common creature comforts at home, and enjoy the simplicity of island life.  You will find plenty of opportunities for beach walking, hiking, bird watching, kayaking, reading and relaxing.

You can even select the ‘bustle’ factor of your visit, depending on when you come to the island.  Summertime provides the greatest number of activities, longer daylight hours in which to enjoy them and temperate weather.  Wintertime is quieter, cooler, with fewer options for shopping and eating out.  It’s a great time to enjoy some quiet walks and time curled up with the book you’ve been meaning to read.

What you’ll definitely find on Lopez –

  • Pastoral scenery
  • Local produce, arts and crafts
  • A diverse and vibrant community
  • Public access to beaches and forests
  • A wonderful library
  • Opportunities to relax and reflect

When planning a trip to Lopez, remember to dress casually. The weather typically is warm in the summer, with an average high temperature of 72, and wet in the winter with highs in the 40s-50s. Average yearly rainfall is between 19-25 inches – about half of that in the neighboring Seattle area. We see an occasional snow shower in the winter but it never lasts long. Spring and Fall can be warm, cold, wet or dry…or just about anything in between! It’s best to layer clothing and always have a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt handy.

What you won’t find – 

  • Rental cars or public transportation
  • Stop lights
  • Reliable cell service
  • Mopeds, movie theatre or bowling alley
  • Large bike lanes
  • Shopping mall