Please bring your donations of HOUSEWARES ONLY to the Lopez Thrift Shop Donation Zone on Wednesdays only from 9 to noon starting on Wednesday, August 12 until further notice. A volunteer will be present to assist you and monitor the donations.

Examples of donations needed and appreciated are:

Silverware, cookware, utensils
Glassware, cookbooks, small appliances
Dishes, glasses, mugs, pitchers

Kitchen linens
Bed linens
Spreads, duvets, and throws
Blankets & quilts (no electric blankets)
Decorator pillows (no bed pillows)

Baskets, throw rugs, pictures, paintings, professional photos
Knick knacks, vases
Clocks, clock radios

Current overstock and limited storage prevents us from accepting any clothing at this time, but hold on to them and all your other donations. We’ll be asking for them again very soon.