Meditatation: Falling Leaf Mindfulness Sangha

Falling Leaf Mindfulness Sangha meets weekly on Lopez Island. This gathering is inspired by, and rooted in, the teachings of the Zen Buddhist Monk Thich Nhat Hanh as well as by the journey and experience of each person present. This is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of their background, experience, and age. Young children are welcome, but may find it is too much sitting in silence for them to be happy. Each week we’ll be working with a theme. What to Expect: We’ll some simple instructions for folks new to this practice. This will be followed by about twenty five minutes of sitting meditation, ten minutes of walking meditation, and then a second twenty five minute session of sitting meditation. Chairs, cushions, etc. are available for sitting, there is no need to sit in a particular posture, it is best to find a relaxed, attentive posture that doesn’t strain your body. After the first hour, there will be a brief teaching share of reflections on practice, or maybe a reading. The remainder of the time will be a space for verbal sharing and reflection, and deep listening. Why: Meditation offers an opportunity to nourish our well-being, happiness, and inner strength. This meditation is both a gentle invitation to deeply relax, as well as cultivating of purposefulness of the mind. The skills and principles apply in so many facets of life, and the simple act of slowing down to look deeply is a welcome and refreshing breath. At the heart of this practice is a space and community to nourish qualities such as kindness, gentleness, inner strength, and skillful communication. I hope if this sparks your interest you’ll join us.