Eat the Invaders! at Vita’s

In a world…of uncertainty, so many questions:

Are there too many rabbits or too few bunnies?
Did my lover just rock my world or is Cascadia currently subducting?
Is this the magic carpet ride or is the rug being pulled out from under us?
Is America great now, or what?

These questions and more will or will not be answered… at the
EAT THE INVADERS 2019 show, at Vita’s!

With any luck, local chefs will concoct spectacular dishes from the cornucopia of local, invasive fauna and flora. Please email, if you’d like to contribute a dish of your own invention, or add to our supply of rabbits, geese, venison, bullfrogs or other tasty invaders.

The Small Potatoes will perform their new show, RECIPES FOR DISASTER at 6pm. Silly songs sung. Audacious antics anticipated.

Come on down to Vita’s for a very good time.