Here’s a handy little list for buying a mask on the island. Stay safe folks!

Blossom Grocery offers several kinds of face coverings: 

Sturdy organic cotton masks with liners for $19.99: 


Single layer mask, 2 for $9.95 on right and Neck Gator on left for $14.95: 

Lopez Village Market sells a single layer knit mask for $4.99. It comes in Black and Pink. 

Paper Scissors on the Rock offers 2 kinds of masks: 

Double layer, paper procedure/surgical masks for 10/$9.95 or 5/$4.95: 


Cotton face masks in both kid and adult sizes with replaceable filters, $15.00 Lots of patterns and colors: 

Sunset Builders Supply: KN-95 Masks with ear loops – (comfortable) similar to N-95, 2 for $9.99 

Tracey Cottingham makes several types of masks with and without filter liners for workers and will customize masks for employees who need to wear masks all day at work. Email: if you need one of these for work. 

Enchanted Quilters and a myriad of volunteers under direction of Anne Dawson have made close to 2,000 cloth masks, many of which have been distributed to island residents during early pandemic days when masks were impossible to buy. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their work. 

Phase 1 Cloth Mask with ties. 

Phase 2 Cloth Mask with ear loops and nose molding strip. 

Email: if you need one of these for work or are a Lopez resident with limited finances.