Biking Safely on Lopez

Please Be Safe! The roads on Lopez are narrow, rural roads often without any appreciable shoulder and can be very busy, especially in the summer.  Please follow our Bicycling Tips below to help ensure the safety of you and your family as well as others on the roads.  Check here for maps that indicate routes with less vehicle traffic and that summarize the relative distances between key locations on the island.Karlena Pickering Lopez Island

Safety Tips Specific for Riding on Lopez

Avoid using Center Road/Mud Bay Road except when needed to get to the south end of the island. It is heavily used by trucks and cars and has essentially no shoulder. Your riding experience will be more pleasant, and safe, on secondary roads.
• If with a group of more than 4 people, ride in small groups of 2-3, widely spaced, so cars can safely pass you on the left.
• Make stops on the straight away, not at the tops of hills or on curves.
• When stopped, move completely off the road to allow cars to pass safely.
• Respect the rights of property owners. Most land and many local roads are privately owned. 

General Bicycling Safety Tips
• Wear a helmet – Head injuries account for 85 of all bicycle accident injuries
• Obey all traffic signs
• Ride single file and keep to the right
• Make yourself visible with bright clothing and reflectors
• Use lights for night riding
• Be alert for dogs

Bring your own bike – or rent one here.

Lots of people come to Lopez to enjoy the island scenery on a bike and at a slower pact. You can bring your own bike or rent one from one of our local bike shops. The important thing to remember is that traveling to Lopez with bicycles can increase the fare you pay for the ferry. Roof mounted bikes can result in a ‘excess height’ fee, while trailered bikes can cause of ‘excess length’ fee. To ensure there are no surprises we recommend that you visit the Washington State Ferry web site for fare details. Some lodgings provide bicycles for guests – so be sure to check before you come.

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