Silly Hat Party Fundraiser

This will be a fun(d) raiser to raise money for the kids playground at Common Ground, Salish Way, and Tierra Verde Land Trust communities. 
Wear your crazy hat (please no baseball or stocking caps, too easy!) to the wine tasting and pay the usual, nominal fee, which goes to the cause.
Vita’s will match all tasting fees for the cause!
There will be “secret judges” and they will award prizes and accept bribes.
Bribes, gratuities, gifts, donations, etc all of which go to the cause.
If you don’t have a hat, your can rent one for a fee (goes to the cause.)
Cash and check please- not credit cards! 

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking “Bruce has too much spare time…”. Maybe, but it’s still February, still cold, still dark, this is a great excuse to get out, see your friends, and do a good deed.