Sustainable Fashion Night at Vitas

Arrive at 5 pm to purchase a glass of wine or plate of Vita’s Wildly Delicious edible delights, then get ready for sustainable fashion presentations which will start at 6 pm.

Our line up Includes: Tracey Cottingham presenting “Good News about Sustainable Clothing and Textiles”.
Americans purchase 20 billion articles of clothing annually, 85% of which eventually end up in a landfill somewhere in the world. Many people don’t know that nearly 100% of textiles can be repaired, reused, repurposed or recycled and that LSWDD does recycle all clean textiles and shoes. Lopez is also lucky to have a cutting edge outdoor clothing designer, Tracey Cottingham, as a resource for the most innovative and sustainable global textile industry solutions,including new bio-synthetics, bio-spider fiber,and fiber created from algae.

There is a lot of good news to share about clothing that is produced with recycled PET water bottles turned back into performance textiles, designed to be long-lasting in style, repairable and fully recyclable at the end of its life. As well as companies and non-profits that are working to eliminate micro-fiber plastics from polluting the oceans and land.

If you have created or purchased a SWAP “Shirt to Skirt”, please wear it for the parade of shirt-to-skirts made out of up-cycled TIOLI T-shirts by SWAP volunteers. There will also be opportunities to model other sustainable and up-cycled island fashions. Nikyta Palmisani will close the night with an in-depth presentation how LSWDD is partnering with Goodwill Industries and the Lopez Thrift Shop to recycle and reuse textiles, and the behind the scenes of what happens to your recycled textiles after they leave the island.

Prizes will be given for the best recycled, upcycled outfits in attendance. Come share your up-cycled fashion with everyone. We will judge your textile to be wearable, sustainable, washable and tres-cool.