SalmonAtion 2020

A salmon barbecue, salads and pastry by Holly B’s Bakery, Lopez Island Vineyard wines, music by Stanley and Kip Greenthal, and the annual slideshow update on local salmon research. No-host bar, everything else free as always.

SalmonAtion 2020 will not only review 12 years’ trends in juvenile Chinook diets, health, and abundance around the islands. We now have two winters’ of data on Blackmouth salmon diets and growth, with some big surprises, as well as results from several years’ work on the diet and sex lives of Pacific Sand Lance, the fish that juvenile Chinook tend to eat when they can’t find enough Herring. More bits and pieces of the islands’ marine food web are coming together, and the picture that’s emerging is at variance with much of the “conventional wisdom” you may have heard elsewhere.