Presentation & Discussion about Southern Resident Orcas 

Join Friends of the San Juans as we explore the plight of the Southern Resident orcas and engage the community in actions that can help their recovery.

Find out what the Southern Resident orcas need to survive and thrive including how San Juan County shorelines contribute to orca health; how many Chinook salmon are needed to support the population; how the Snake, Frasier, Columbia, Skagit and other river systems impact the orca; and the current status of state and federal legislation that would protect and recover Southern Resident orcas. Find out how to make your voice heard and how you can help protect and recover the Southern Resident orcas.

The featured speakers include Lovel Pratt, Friends of the San Juans’ Marine Program Protection Director, and Dr. Deborah Giles, Research Scientist for the University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology and Research Director for Wild Orca.