A Class/Lecture By Bonny Jo Peterson of Industrial Hemp Association Of Washington

Note: As a courtesy to our speaker we will not be discussing our local cannabis issue. We will stay on topic re: HEMP.

Bonny Jo Peterson is the Executive Director of the Industrial Hemp Association of WA (IHEMPAWA), founded in 2017 to fill the need for hemp advocacy and education. She is a long time Hemp advocate and researcher based in Washington as well as a current volunteer lobbyist working on hemp legislation written in collaboration with the WSDA, legislators and other hemp industry stakeholders. Bonny Jo is excited to be part of the wild west of hemp and share information to set the stage for a sustainable hemp industry based on integrity that supports farmers.

IHEMPAWA Mission: Promoting the research and development of Industrial Hemp as an agricultural crop in Washington State as a viable and sustainable ultimate renewable natural resource through the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program (IHRP). Supporting and educating pioneers in the field while advocating legislation on their behalves. Members share research and resources as growers, seed and equipment suppliers, food and building material processors, organizations and those who dare to reinvent the wheel to fit into our industry. We are building a sustainable re-emerging industry together. We are here to answer when asked, What is Industrial Hemp and what is it used for?, How do I get a License to grown hemp in WA? How do you grow Industrial Hemp?

More info: www.iHempawa.com

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This event is presented by Lopez Island Grange #1060. Bonny Jo will also be speaking at San Juan Island Grange #966 on May 16th at 7:00 PM.