You are invited to come to Gatherings on Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings from 8:30AM to 9AM. Prayers and Inspirational Sayings will be shared.

Sign into chat if you have something you want to share. I will call on you for as long as you have something to share. Or just join and relax and listen. Take what helps. Leave for others what helps them. You are welcome to stay for the whole half hour or leave quietly without comment as you must.

This is about respect, humility, contemplation, and/or meditation. It is about breathing in relaxation, reflection, strength, wisdom and/or love and letting go of tension. Please mute your mic when you are not sharing. Use video or not as you like.

Please keep sharings to three minutes or less. If you read something written by someone else, please state the author. You are welcome to read something you wrote as long as it doesn’t exceed the time limit. There will be approximately 20 to 30 seconds between sharings. If I call on you and you have nothing to share, share a word of support or say nothing, and I’ll know you are done sharing for this day. Thank you for joining the group.

Brenda Asterino is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Please email for the monthly zoom link.