Double Feature Documentary Film Showing

Courtesy of: Friday Harbor Film Festival, 2018 Best of Fest

Double Feature: Intelligent Trees & The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World.

Each film runs approx 45 minutes. We will have a break in-between films for a Fungi Potluck. Make a dish from wild edible mushrooms in the spirit of our second feature.

About Intelligent Trees:
Trees talk, know family ties, and care for their young? Is this too fantastic to be true? Intelligent Trees shows a side of trees that most of us have never seen before. German forester Peter Wohlleben and forest ecologist Suzanne Simard of the University of British Columbia have been observing and investigating communication between trees over decades.

Trees are so much more than rows of wood waiting to be turned into furniture, buildings, or firewood. They are more than organisms producing oxygen or cleaning the air for us. They are individual beings that have feelings, know friendship, have a common language, and look after each other. This documentary explores the ways trees communicate with each other �” from a forester’s observations and through scientific detective work.

What is the significance of this discovery to our lives and our treatment of the forest? This knowledge has the power to radically change our understanding of nature.

About: The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World

Since the dawn of life, fungi have been at the very heart of land-based evolution. Neither plants nor animals, fungi are a kingdom in their own right. Their spore-based life form literally ate rocks to kick-start our planet’s ecology, and fungi continue to play a significant role in every breath we take.

We are certainly aware of one form of fungi –  mushrooms. These tasty morsels are the “fruit” of the fungi and are only a small part of the fungal life that is all around us

The fungus Penicillium is the source of penicillin, a powerful antibiotic that along with 10 others derived from fungi, have been lifesavers for millions of people. A recent scientific breakthrough in Canada is developing antibiotics as lethal weapons in the fight against superbugs. According to the film’s director, “Fungi represent both a dire threat and a tremendous opportunity to humanity. So it’s well and truly time to get to know them.”

Movie Trailer:

Movies shown on the Grange’s HUGE new movie screen! Popcorn served.

Admission FREE with Donations graciously accepted and added to the Grange’s building maintenance fund.