Cozy Mystery Book Club

Join fellow readers for the first meeting of the Cozy Mystery Book Club at the Lopez Library. This is a 3-month program, meeting on the 4th Thursday of the months of January, February and March, to discuss a cozy mystery book.

This discussion will be about “Murder is Binding” (Book 1 in the “Booktown Mystery Series) by Lorna Barrett. The book is available in paperback at the Library, and through online streaming through the Library app Libby/Overdrive.

In the mystery book genre, a “cozy” is a traditional whodunit where the focus is on an amateur sleuth in a small, self-contained community. This kind of mystery is distinguished by what it doesn’t have―no graphic violence, intimacy, or language―the emphasis is on the clues and characters. Plus, cozies often have a “hook,” a peek into a place, profession, or hobby that engages the reader by teaching them something new. Since we are a library, all the cozies we will be discussing have a literary hook, with either a main character who is an author, a book-club featured in the plot, and/or a setting in a bookstore or a library. Discussions will be facilitated by a library staff-member, and thematic treats and tea will be available.