Concours ‘d Elegance, the Lopez way

Come see this great annual event- going on since 2005 and getting better every year! vintage car and truck aficionados and non-collectors alike! And the occasion only gets better each year. Last year over 70 vehicles were on display making it the best show ever!

This year vehicles will be parked for longer viewing; food and beverages will be available and the access roads will be cordoned off for better viewing.

Show up with your antique, unique or unusual vehicle in the Village. Cars will park on Tower Drive, Eads Lane and in front of Paper Scissors on the Rock.

The parade of vehicles as we leave the Village around 12:30, circle the village and then drive up Lopez Road to Fisherman Bay Road, following it along the bay and then turning on to Davis Bay Road and then to 121 Coffelt Drive for a picnic lunch.

You’d be surprised to see what vehicles reside here on Lopez, and other vehicles that come from the other islands and “America” for this occasion. It’s a fun event and brings out everything from Tex Gieling’s 1932 Chrysler Coupe and any one of a number of Dick Pickering’s fleet of vehicles and then there’s the Alfa Romeos, MGs, Jags, model T’s and A’s and more and more and more.