2019 Procession of the Species 

Celebrate the diversity of species of all kinds: plants, animals, and fungi. Come dressed in a creative species costume or borrow one of ours, as we all parade around the village in honor of species biodiversity on Earth! 

With the recent news headlines highlighting the declining population of our local southern resident killer whales, we are stepping back to take a larger perspective on the role of creatures in and around the Salish Sea that support not only orcas but all of life. The theme of the 2019 Procession of the Species is “3 Steps to an Orca”: a highlight of 3 tiers of the food web leading up to orcas: phytoplankton and diatoms (tier 1), forage fish such as herring and sand lance (tier 2), and wild salmon particularly Chinook/King (tier 3). Habitat loss, urbanization, environmental toxins, river damming, and climate change are a few of the many factors leading to the disruption of this food web, but dedicating our efforts to improving the health and vitality of all biodiversity in the Salish Sea is the key to achieving positive change. Join us as we celebrate and work towards protecting and promoting the Salish Sea as a place of abundance and life!

FREE Procession of the Species Education and Costume-Making Workshop
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Meet at Lopez Island Family Resource Center Conference Room
Ages 5-12
Kids must bring an adult